How clean is your air?

(NBC News) The American Lung Association has released its annual "State of the Air Report" and it’s bad news for more than half the country.

166 million Americans are living in areas with unhealthy levels of ozone, which can burn the surface of your lungs.

"Just like getting a sunburn inside your lungs. If you’ve got pre-exisiting lung disease, it’s going to make it worse. If you have asthma, it’ll give you an asthma attack," explains Dr. Norman Edelman.

Ozone isn’t the only problem. Many cities also have high levels of particle pollution, which can come from forest fires and the burning of fossil fuels.

The worst offenders were in California, including Los Angeles and Bakersfield.

Still, in the 25 cities with the worst pollution, the majority have made air quality improvements over the past year. Experts credit cleaner power plants and increased use of cleaner cars and engines.

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