Carver High School Remembers Coach Pollard’s Legacy

By: Leah Uko
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COLUMBUS, GA (WLTZ) — The death of a Carver High School baseball coach was not keeping grieving students and faculty silent on Tuesday. Many people Coach David Pollard befriended and mentored spoke about the impact he made on their lives and why his legacy will go on.

Principal Chris Lindsey said in the four years Pollard worked with students at Carver High School, he made the most impact Lindsey had ever seen.

"Everybody know how special Coach Pollard was,” Lindsey said.

Lindsey said the beginning of the school day began with a moment of silence for Pollard, but once that was over, many people started talking. They wanted to solidify Pollard’s reputation as more than a baseball coach.

Pollard was a special education teacher who often sought out guidance from his former coach’s and mentors, including Coach Charles Flowers.

"How do I talk to my kids about academics?” Flowers said these were questions Pollard would ask. "What do we need to do to try to get them to see the whole picture?”

Pollard was also a mentor who looked out for all students, like Jashear Clark and Derek Delgado.

“So we won’t, like lead a way to the wrong path,” Clark said this was what Pollard taught him. "He showed us where to go and how to do it.”

"He was a good man. To me he was a father figure,” Delgado said.

Carver High School’s women’s basketball coach, Anson Hundley took off work on Tuesday to grieve and also speak about his childhood friend who described as humble.

"He probably wouldn’t want us saying all this stuff. He’s probably a little mad right now,” Coach Hundley laughed. “I got to.”

Though many were upset about how Pollard’s if ended — hit by a man witnesses said was speeding near Buena Vista Road and Andrews Road in a stolen car — they all said they knew Coach Pollard would want students to forgive and stay focused on succeeding in school.

"When things get rough just think about, ‘how will Coach Pollard do it? What would he want me to do and how would he handle this situation?” Flowers said.

As of Tuesday, Lindsey said the situation was focusing on Pollard’s life, the lessons he taught and the legacy he left.

"We’ve got a big hole to fill. To be honest with you, there’s no better guy.”

Columbus Police released dash cam video click here of the man they said was responsible for Pollard’s death. According to police, the man stole a 2007 Audi and drove down Buena Vista when he crashed into Pollard who was turning left into the intersection. Police said the man ran away from the scene.

Sergeant Fred Carnes with CPD said when the suspect ran away, officers were faced with the decision to either ran after him or stay to help the crash victim, who was Pollard. He said officers decided to try to save Pollard’s life.

Sgt. Carnes added that police were urging the public to help find the suspect described as in his early 20s, black with shot black dreadlocks, slender build and last seen wearing black shorts and a dark shirt.

"We’ve talked to some people that say they have information and when we do talk to the people they do not want to talk to the police,” he added police wanted to help give everyone closure. "There is a family that is grieving, there’s a school that is grieving"
A memorial fund for Pollard’s family has been set up at Wellsfargo Banks in the Tri-City area. The account is named “David Pollard Memorial Fund”.

Carver High School’s baseball team plans to play its scheduled games Thursday and Friday night. A vigil for Pollard will follow Friday night’s game.

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