California couple survives Ecuador quake

San Clemente, Ecuador (KCRA) A California couple survived the massive earthquake that rocked the South American nation of Ecuador Saturday night, killing hundreds.

Bill Freedman and Alice Gandelman of Vallejo said the quake shook the ground violently for at least 45 seconds.

"We’re from the Bay Area," Gandelman said. "But this was pretty intense, more than anything we’ve felt in the Bay Area."

At least 246 people are dead – and more than 2,500 injured following the earthquake. The quake measured a magnitude of 7.8 and the ground is still shaking, with more than 160 aftershocks reported.

"When we got onto the street, it continued to roll and shake and I was realizing, I never felt anything this long or this intense before," Gandelman said.

"A lot of the buildings here are made of cement," Freedman added, "and the sidewalks had crumbled down, bricks crumbled down on the side."

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