Gadgets for grads

(NBC News) College graduation season is just around the corner, and it can be a challenge to find the right gift.

Some new grads may try to save money by "cutting cords". New TV streaming devices give them access to shows and movies without cable or satellite.

"Sony has a new service called Playstation Vue that for $40 or $50, depending on what market you’re in, gives you a huge number of channels, that’s actualy a lot easier to navigate than a lot of cable boxes," says’s Dan Ackerman.

Roku also has a new streaming stick that plugs in to your TV.

For graduates starting their job hunt, an ultra-portable computer can help them get through those online applications.

"The HP Spectra has distinction of being the worlds thinnest laptop," Ackerman notes. "It’s 10.4 mm thick and still packs in fast processor."

Another option is the iPad Pro, made to be a laptop alternative with a fast chip and interactive display.

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