Boston marks bombing anniversary

(NBC News) It’s been three years since two bombs exploded near the Boston Marathon finish line, killing three people and wounded 260 more, but in many ways the deadly blasts still echo across the city.

On the third anniversary of the bombing, Boston paused to honor those lost and injured in the attack, difficult memories as they continue to move forward.

The next step in that journey will be Monday’s 120th Boston Marathon.

Security will again be intense, with an army of police, first responders and surveillance, all for a race that in many ways defines the city – going the distance, never giving up.

"It’s very difficult and there are days when I just get discouraged, but then I think I’m really lucky just to be running at all," says bombing survivor Adrianne Haslet Davis.

Haslet Davis, a dancer, lost part of her left leg in the bombing. Last year she fox-trotted at the finish line. This year, she plans to cross it after running the race.

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