Texas family stalked by cyberbully

Meadow, TX (KCBD) The Texas Attorney General’s office is investigating a Meadow family’s claim of extreme cyberbullying.

13-year-old Mia Gonzales says she has received death threats through social media since August.

"It wasn’t the messages that scared me the most, it was the fact when they took the picture of me at my window, because of how close they were," Mia said.

Mia’s family says whoever this is has created Instagram accounts directly targeting Mia.

Around February it got worse.

"It went to, ‘We’re going to kill you, we’re coming after you,’" Nicole Garza, her mother said. "My Dad passed away now going on five months – they posted a picture of him and made fun of her for losing him. My brother-in-law died three weeks ago and they told her that she was next. They were laughing at her saying that everybody that she loved was dying and that she was going to come up next."

Then the stalking began.

"They’ve progressively gotten worse to where they come to the house and take pictures of her through the window," Garza said. "We had one text message about a week ago now trying to get her to go to the park because they said they didn’t want to hurt her siblings and that way she could go to the park to meet them at night so they could kill her peacefully, in their words."

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