Woman Celebrates 105th Birthday, Credits Genetics and Kindness

By: Leah Uko


COLUMBUS, GA (WLTZ) — A woman with Columbus roots turned 105 years old on Tuesday and said the key to her longevity was kindness.

Erris Croom, who was born in 1911, celebrated her big day with more than 60 people at the Covenant Woods Senior Living Center. Croom told WLTZ First News anchor, Leah Uko, that in addition to being kind to others, she never smoked, drank alcohol or had children.

The very energetic woman also credited her great genes. Croom’s nephew, Ken Brook said her father lived until he was 103, her aunt was 102 when she passed and her sister was also 102.

“I keep trying to get old,” Croom said in reference to her living center. “They won’t let me.”

“Look for the good in people. If you look good, you’ll find something good in most everybody,” she continued. “I still treat people right and in return, I have been treated nice.”

Room said though she did not have kids, she had a long, happy marriage. For fun, she exercises, watches television and reads.

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