Shaw High School Students Promote Violence and Suicide Prevention

By: Leah Uko

COLUMBUS, GA (WLTZ) — Students at Shaw High School talked violence and suicide, which were two sensitive topics that affected their school.

During Raider Awareness Week, students who were apart of the Chic-fil-A leader academy are selling $1 stickers.

When students wear the violence and mental health awareness stickers they get to wear sweatpants for the day in exchange.

On Tuesday, the stickers that were sold were in memory of former student, Caleb Short. Short, his mother and little niece were murdered in their Columbus home earlier this year. Columbus police charged three teens in connection with the murders.

The deaths were devastating for students who knew Short, but Sierra Jackson told WLTZ First News anchor, Leah Uko, the murders also sent a message to students that they could react negatively or positively to violence.

"It makes them and everybody around them devastated,” the senior said about acts of violence. “It makes them feel alone and I have felt that before and I don’t want wish that to be upon anybody.”

Jackson was one of the students apart of the Chic-fil-A Leader Academy and helped create the student-led awareness project. She said she hoped the project would continue for two more years so that students could continue to openly talk about violence prevention and how to also spot early signs of suicidal behavior.

On Wednesday, students will sell $1 tickets for suicide prevention in memory of Lauren Ford who took her life earlier this year.

"It is okay to talk to people and that there is somebody there for you that can help you and that can get you through whatever situation you are going through.”

All proceeds raised throughout the week will go to New Horizons Behavioral Health.

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