Preventing painkiller addiction

Roanoke, VA (WSLS) Painkiller addiction is a deadly problem affecting families across the nation, and now doctors at Virginia’s Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital are examining alternative methods of pain relief.

While it is still in the early phase, doctors hope using a more holistic approach will help prevent more people from becoming drug addicts.

Janine Underwood wishes she knew the negative impact of painkillers before it was too late. She said her son, Bobby, became addicted following his knee surgery.

"I had no idea that his life was going to change," said Underwood. "It spiraled out of control".

Underwood said her son’s prescribed medication acted as a gateway to other drugs, including heroin

"I came home late on a Saturday to find him laying on the floor in his room, dead from a drug overdose of heroin laced with Fentanyl," said Underwood.

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