Severe weather pounds Georgia

Calhoun County, GA (WALB)It came in the middle of the night, a possible tornado, this pile of debris once a mobile home.

A mother and daughter inside when it went airborne.

"One of my deputies arrived here first, and he found them out there, I don’t know if they were hollering or talking to him, and he found them on this side of the road. And I reckon it blew them over here with all the damage," says Calhoun County Sheriff Josh Hilton.

Decarla Wilkerson suffered a broken hip and arm, and her daughter broken ribs.

"They are pretty banged up, but they are going to be okay, looking at the damages it could be a lot worse," says Hilton.

It came through just before 3 am, winds so powerful trees were splintered and metal was twisted.

Just up the road in Edison, two mobile homes destroyed. A man inside suffered minor injuries.

"I’m not used to seeing something like this. It’s something you see in pictures," he says.

Pictures of a storm that amazingly claimed no lives.

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