Community mourns slain couple

Kenner, LA (WDSU) Two Louisiana families are mourning the loss of two people killed in their Kenner apartment with their three children sleeping nearby.

A few weeks ago, the families were united at a baby shower for 28-year-old Dawn Scott and 31-year-old Raynell Kimbrough. The couple was found dead shortly 7 a.m. Monday.

Monday night, they gathered for a vigil outside the apartment as police search for the couple’s killer.

A 10-year-old boy in the apartment discovered his mother, Scott, and her boyfriend, Kimbrough, Monday morning.

The group of friends, family and neighbors is overcome with emotion as they try to find it in their hearts to forgive the killer.

"I pray that you mend every broken heart in here, God," said Tasha Kimbrough, Raynell’s sister. "Your job is to love. Your job is to extend your hands out to a hurting person that hurt our family because he or she is hurting."

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