Bite-size boxer fights for her life

Inwood, WV (WHAG) They call her Light Foot Lainey and with the way she packs a punch, on-lookers would never guess that this five-year old is literally fighting for her life.

"It’s no fun to be sick," Lainey Chadwell said.

"You don’t know what could happen and that’s your child, you just don’t know," Lainey’s mom, Jodi Chadwell said.

Lainey was diagnosed with a rare form of cystic fibrosis. The condition makes the mucus in her lungs extra thick and sticky, which means it’s harder for her to breathe when she gets sick.

"If it gets into her lungs, it can cause a lot of problems because its harder for her to get rid of that, so when she does get a cold, we try to get rid of it as quickly as possible," Jodi said.

But since the bite-size boxer started swinging, her health and confidence have skyrocketed.

"It makes me stronger and healthy," Lainey said.

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