Obama denounces Cruz terror plan

(NBC News) President Obama, speaking in Argentina Wednesday morning, once again pledge his support for Belgium in the wake of Tuesday’s deadly terrorist attacks.

"The people of United States and Argentina stand with the Belgian people," Mr. Obama said.

The president also took aim at Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who stated Tuesday that police in America should patrol Muslim neighborhoods to prevent future terrorist attacks.

"I just left a country that engages in neighborhood surveillance. And the father of Senator Cruz left that country to come to america, the land of the free," President Obama noted.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton also slammed Cruz.

"It’s wrong, counter productive, and it’s dangerous," Clinton said.

Still, Cruz isn’t backing away from the idea.

"What I am talking about is focusing law enforcement and national security resources on areas, on locations where there is a higher incidents of radical Islamic terrorism risk," Cruz said.

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