Baseball player saves toddler

Walton, KS (KSNW) A college student just happened to be in the right place at the right time Wednesday when he was driving along Highway 50 near Walton, Kansas and noticed a 3-year-old crossing the road.

Dakota Vaughn is a junior at Tabor College where he plays third base for their baseball team.

He says it’s not by chance that he just happened to be driving back to school when a little boy was wandering near the highway just before dark.

"This was not a coincidence," Vaughn said. "This was God, definitely."

The 3-year-old crossed the road and began running towards the train tracks.

"Luckily, the semi that was about a hundred feet behind him saw him, slowed down, let him cross and at this point, this is when I turned in," Vaughn said.

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