Florida woman fights for pet gator

Lakeland, FL (WFLA) A Lakeland, Florida woman is fighting to keep her pet alligator, Rambo. The 6-foot long, 125-pound reptile wears clothes, rides on the back of a motorcycle and has a bedroom in Mary Thorn’s home.

Thorn says she considers Rambo more like her child, especially after her son passed away a year ago. She also says she has trained him not to bite.

"He sits on the couch. He knows how to work the remote. So, he’s just a house gator," she said. "He just wants to be babied."

Thorn has had a license for the alligator since she rescued him 11 years ago, but, Rambo recently grew to six feet, which under Florida law means he has to be moved to a larger area than she can provide.

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