A Few Minutes with Jim: Interview with Teresa Tomlinson part 2

Teresa Tomlinson has been mayor of Columbus for six years.

Among her accomplishments is the successful revamping of a fatally flawed pension and healthcare system for city workers .

But the change she most wants to be remembered for is the phasing out of the city’s property tax freeze.

It seemed like a good idea when voters approved it in 1982. But over the years it has morphed into a tax constricting monster, driving taxes for people wanting to buy homes in Columbus to unreasonable levels.

Tomlinson says it is dragging down the Columbus economy, forcing a parade of special sales taxes and stretching available tax revenue to the limit.

Now after five years of tirelessly trying to personally educate voters on the subject through nonstop public forums and meetings, Tomlinson has succeeded in getting the issue on the November general election ballot.

The Emory Law School trained lawyer makes a  good case for sunsetting the freeze and says she believes the chances of people voting to phase the freeze out are better than fifty percent.

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