More voters make their pick

(NBC News) All eyes are on today’s Michigan primaries.

Democrat Bernie Sanders and Republican John Kasich need to do well, but both are long shots in a state where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have led in voter surveys.

Clinton had a 21 point lead in pre-vote polling as Michigan Democrats cast ballots.

Losing Michigan, with its unions and racial diversity, could crush Bernie Sanders. He’s trailing badly in delegates, but just nine points down, nationally, in today’s NBC News/Wall St. Journal poll.

Republican John Kasich is focused on Michigan as well, hoping that state will give him enough momentum to continue on to his home state of Ohio.

"I don’t know where, but I think we’re going to do well and we’re going to win Ohio," Kasich told supporters.

A week from today is an even larger showdown: Florida and Ohio. Those states could definitively answer the question about whether Trump can be stopped.

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