Super Tuesday turnout in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Super Tuesday-one of the biggest and most important election times during the presidential primary.

"Yes, every vote counts" said one Columbus resident going out to vote on Super Tuesday, Doshie Moore.

Millions of people across 12 states are finishing up at the polls tonight. Thousands of voters in Columbus are submitting their ballots to have a voice in their pick for president.

"I feel like a lot of people died for us to vote and a lot of people don’t really take the opportunity to you know, for their right" said Sandra Franklin, a Columbus voter.

What type of president do these hand-full of Columbus voters want?

"To make equal opportunity for all" said Nicholas Yancey.

"A person who will help people" said Franklin.

"Changes, someone that keeps their word" said Tim McFayden.

Change seems to be a common theme. The Georgia polls are closing at 7pm and a final count of the votes will be in tonight.

"The results will be certified by Friday by the board of elections but we’ll have the results that evening. We can’t leave until the whole vote is counted" said Jeanette James with the Muscogee County Board of Elections.

Those results will be pouring in just after 7 tonight after the polls close.

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