Local company creates ‘safe gun’ using fingerprint technology

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Over the past few years, we’ve seen an increase in gun violence, many of the incidents ending in death. There have been multiple incidents of officer-involved shootings. The latest local police-involved shooting happened just last November in Columbus.

An undercover narcotics officers planned on taking down a suspect for marijuana and an assortment of prescription pills, but the suspect had other plans. With the undercover officer sitting in the passenger’s seat of the suspect’s car, he took off. The suspect was armed and was trying to reach for a loaded pistol. This is when multiple officers attempted to pull the suspect over, but were not able to do so until the suspect crashed his car into a nearby apartment building on 28th Street in Columbus.

An officer outside of the suspect’s vehicle shot at the car multiple times, hitting the suspect once in his leg. Luckily this time, everyone walked away alive.

But what about in times when a person takes hold of your gun, leaving you defenseless? A local company is trying to erase this scenario from being possible.

"We want to develop an affordable device that any homeowner can buy, put on their gun and feel pretty safe about leaving a loaded gun lying around" said Charlie Miller, the Chairman of Safe Gun Technology Inc.

It’s called Safe Gun Technology Inc.

Here’s how it works: You place your finger where the white square is on the handle of the gun. If your finger print is in the computer system, it’ll unlock the trigger where you’ll now be able to start shooting.

“We’re thinking that a lot of people like to keep a loaded weapon in their house for defense but of course if there’s small children, grandchildren, etc… there’s that danger that they might hurt themselves or someone else" said Miller.

The other big issue- children accidentally finding guns and shooting. But with Safe Gun Technology installed on your firearm, it prevents the trigger from being pulled.

This works the same for thieves looking to steal your gun.

"In most cases, it’ll make stolen guns unusable. You would literally have to be a qualified locksmith to figure out how to take all this off, put it back where it’s supposed to be and frankly it would be cheaper just to go buy a new gun" said Miller.

You wouldn’t need to buy any special type of gun to have this fingerprint technology installed. Instead, Safe Gun Technology comes in a kit, which you’d have installed on the gun you already own. The developers of safe gun technology inc are about one proto-type away before you can start buying.

“The basic jist of our technology is that if you are not an authorized and it won’t read your fingerprint, you cannot shoot the gun" said Miller.

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