Leap year baby turns “seven”

Yakima, WA (KNDU) Out of the millions of people in the United States, Breanna Carlson is one of just 187,000 people born on February 29th, a day only comes around every four years, Leap Day.

Born on February 29th, 1988, Carlson remembers when she was younger she didn’t realize the rarity of her birthday until she started school. She says her family always did a good job on celebrating her birthday on February 28th, and some years the celebration would even turn into a two day celebration.

This year, Carlson celebrates her 28th birthday, or 7th birthday, if you only count her actual birth dates. With a birth date that only comes around every four years, leap day babies like Carlson have encountered some interesting situations.

"The first license I had, when it expired, they had it down to expire for February 29, 2010, when there was no leap year, so technically, my license didn’t expire," explained Carlson.

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