Storm’s fury focused on Northeast

(NBC News) A powerful winter storm system that impacted about half the country is now moving offshore and into Canada.

But not before killing at least eight people and leaving behind a trail of destruction.

The powerful storm system which brought tornadoes to the deep south Tuesday, barreled into the northeast overnight.

In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 50 homes damaged.

High winds brought down branches, toppled trees, and left thousands without power.

Those gusts are blamed for knocking over a tractor trailer and snarling traffic on the George Washington bridge.

Central North Carolina had more than 20 tornado warnings, more than last year alone, in one day and it’s only February.

Virginia took a deadly punch.

Two men and a toddler died Wednesday in Waverly, Virginia when they were tossed 300 yards from a trailer, and a man in South Carolina, killed by a falling tree.

The storm dumped snow across the nation’s midsection and then in New York and New England.

Thousands of flights delayed or canceled.

A rare and powerful winter storm, fueled by the strongest El Nino on record.

Leaving thousands of Americans wondering which piece to pick up first.

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