Water woes hit Crystal City

Crystal City, TX (WOAI) Crystal City, Texas residents say their trust is wearing thin after taking to social media to show their water is not running crystal clear.

The water woes come just a couple weeks after several current and former city leaders were arrested for federal corruption.

The director of Crystal City’s water tower says the water tower hasn’t been completely emptied in at least 20 years. On Wednesday, it was completely flushed to begin a major renovation. Residents in crystal city say they weren’t notified and were surprised to see what came out of their faucets.

"We didn’t get a warning; we didn’t get a warning that this was going to happen," says Crystal City resident Nora Guerrero.

Despite the city having just one sitting council member, Guerrero says it was frustrating for residents to discover the water system was being flushed on their own.

"Some of it looked like crude oil. You had to see it to believe it."

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