“Bond” Aston Martin sells at Auction for $3.1 million

(CNN) – Ten super-fans with deep pockets are a bit closer to living the life of uber-cool movie spy James Bond.

Not by surviving a dramatic fight scene, or hanging out with scantily-clad female co-stars.

A charity auction of items from the movie "Spectre" included agent 007’s latest sexy sportscar.

One of the 10 Aston Martin DB10 specially built for the film sold Thursday for $3.1 million.

Christie’s auction house didn’t identify the supercar’s new owner and parking it in the driving is pretty much all the new owner can do.

The cars were created without any safety features or certifications required to be street-legal.

Aston Martin say it does run, with a top speed around 190-miles per hour.

But the new owner had to agree to a contract specifically banning any modifications that would approve road use.

Nine other pieces of memorabilia from "Spectre" were also sold, including a watch and dinner suit worn by Bond star Daniel Craig.

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