‘Sole of my Footprint’ non-profit honors Board Member Gloria Short

COLUMBUS, Ga.- A Columbus non-profit is taking a very tragic situation and turning it into a positive.

The Soul of my Footprint is remember Gloria Short, who was murdered in her Upatoi home along with her son and granddaughter in early January.

Short was a board member of an organization, which collects shoes and donates them to children in Africa who have never owned their own pair before. Now, the non-profit founder is turning the tables to give back to her memory by kicking off the first annual event ‘Soles for Souls’.

This non-profit will donate shoes to people in our community.

The founder, Alfie Jenks, says "I don’t want people to remember how she died but I want them to remember how she lived. So we want to have this shoe giveaway to honor her mother. Her life was cut-down too soon and that we lost a very valuable resource in this community"

The annual The Soles for Souls kicked off on Saturday, February 6th from 12 to 3 p-m at the Columbus Community Center.

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