Terry Godwin gets first career touchdown at UGA

It’s always a good feeling to finally get your moment. Just ask Terry Godwin.

"I finally scored," Godwin laughed.

For the former Callaway High School football player and current Georgia wide receiver, Saturday’s game against Kentucky gave him his first big highlight.  Godwin scored his first career touchdown in a pretty memorable way.

"As I was trying to put it away from Sony (Michel), it kind of slipped out of my hands and we were moving so fast it actually timed up with the defense and opened up the hole for me," he said.

It wasn’t the first direct snap Godwin took, in fact he was in the backfield on multiple occasions. Godwin says the coaching staff told him about their plan earlier this week and he felt comfortable doing it thanks to his experience back at Callaway.

"It got me used to being back there in high school," he said. "Coming up here and actually doing it it felt like high school so it was really good."

Many fans can expect to see Godwin in the wildcat position a lot more in the future. Coach Mark Richt says Godwin is a guy who they plan to use in many ways and that fans shouldn’t be surprised if they see him throw a ball or two.

"We think he handles the ball well from center, we think that he can make good reads and has athleticism, if you do pull it to make something good happen," Richt said. "We all gotta work better on our ball security and the other thing Terry has is he does have the ability to throw the ball well too so I’m sure that package will have a few throws coming down the road too."

Godwin finished with 36 yards on the day.  UGA is back in action on Saturday when they travel to Auburn.

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