Keeping the wheels turning on Feeding the Valley’s mobile pantry

Volunteer day Brookstone School students turned out to be a humbling experience for many.

After unloading, sorting, and packing up boxes thousands are ready to be sent off to people who are in need of food. A group of Brookstone students volunteered Friday morning with Feeding the Valley to fill empty boxes with a month’s worth of food.

One junior at Brookstone, Drake Beck said "I’d love to see the look on some of these peoples faces when they’re opening up some of these boxes. I know we’re doing a good thing, it feels good."

7,000 boxes will be piled up into a mobile pantry truck. The truck makes stops in fourteen neighboring counties for people who don’t have the means to get to the Feeding the Valley warehouse in Columbus.

A Brookstone swimming coach, Sally Bradley, volunteered with the kids and said "this really brings the message home to you that when they see how many meals or how many boxes they’ve been able to fill and understand that that’s only a small number of families that need help from this organization."

The mobile pantry makes about 41 different stops a month but without the help of volunteers, the wheels wouldn’t be rolling on the mobile pantry.

The executive director of Feeding the Valley, Frank sheppard explained just how important volunteers are.

"Volunteers here at feeding the valley donated 18,000 hours of their time last year… To put that in perspective, that’s equivalent to 8 full time employees."

Students from Brookstone said it’s a team building experience having to work together to finish one box at a time, which can make a big difference out in the community by giving to those who have little to no food.

Another junior at Brookstone, Ben Smith, said "because we’ve been very blessed in our life and have a good family that can take care of us and we’re fortunate with all the stuff we have so to give back to our people here who aren’t as fortunate as us… It’s a good thing we’re doing, we’re glad we’re doing it."

A positive lesson for this group of high school students- giving is just as good as receiving.

Feeding the Valley is always open to new volunteers. If you’re interested, please visit their website.

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