Georgia Secretary of State visits Columbus

Georgia Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, is making stops around Georgia to promote the SEC Primary, essentially preparing for the 2016 presidential primary elections this coming March.

Historically, with Georgia being on the same voting primary day as larger states like California and New York, Georgia has often been lost in the mix.

"We’re really not in the mix and i feel that we should be" Kemp said.

The ‘old South has historically been out of the mix when it comes to the primary elections. This year, Kemp is trying to change that.

"Really the Southeast is the new heartland of America"

Other states like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina usually set the tone for our presidential nominees. Putting Georgia back on the map is Kemp’s goal but he isn’t doing it alone. Kemp is partnering up with our other Southern states to have presidential candidates spend time here in our communities.

Georgia houses many military bases and Kemp wants to make sure candidates who visit the state are aware of how important they are.

"We got the next round of BRAC coming up… What’s that gonna mean for Georgia military bases? do they even know how many bases we have… What the vital missions of those bases are? that’s a great opportunity for us to educate the candidate as to why bases are important in Georgia."

Kemp is planning on using the Georgia State Fair in Perry as a tool to get potential voters excited about the upcoming elections in march.

"So we’re gonna give people the opportunity to come by and pick up a raw peanut and put it in the jar of their candidate of choice and it’ll be a fun event to help raise awareness and we’ve reached out to a lot of candidates and campaigns and we’re hopeful that some of them are gonna come here."

Carson is already scheduled to make an appearance in Georgia during the time the Perry Fair will be going on in October, now all Georgia officials need to do is convince him to stop by. Donald Trump is also supposed to be visiting Georgia, but a date has not been released yet.

As for now, Kemp will continue to visit different cities throughout Georgia to help people register to vote and showing people the power of the ballot.

While in Columbus, Kemp visited the county elections office and spent time speaking at a rotary club.

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