Columbus State Volleyball Ready for New Year with Young Team

Practice has begun for the Columbus State women's volleyball team as they enter their third year as a program since the sport was reinstated back in 2013.

The Cougars are a very new team this year, in fact half of their roster are freshman- playing at the collegiate level for the first time. Despite the lack of experience, the Cougars expect some great things this year.  In their first two years back, they've landed in the top half of the Peach Belt Conference final standings while racking up 34 wins.

The Cougars start the season in three weeks where they begin a month-long road trip.

"It's hard on your bodies because you're never in your own bed and you're always out there doing your own thing," said junior Andrea Skipor. "But then it's a lot of fun to finish your season at home because you have a ll the fans behind you when you get back."

"It's got its pros and cons," added head coach Casey Cornett. "We did that because we really wanted to schedule some region teams to make sure we compete and have the opportunity to make regionals. So we had to kind of sacrifice a little bit to get those games, get those wins to try to make our team excel in the region."

The Cougars kick off the 2015 season on September 4th in Middleville, Georgia. Their first home contest will be on October 2nd.

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