Tigers Begin New Era, Looking Ahead to 2015

They live by four letters… I-N-A-M.

"INAM- It's not about me."

Four words that have driven the Auburn high team since day one. A phrase that's been instilled since Adam Winegarden's first day as head coach.

"Don't ever get tired and just play for yourself," said senior defensive end, Michael Robinson. "Do it for the guy next to you and don't ever be selfish."

Coach Winegarden added, "You gotta realize you're part of a team and at the end of the day, it's about everybody's success together and everybody's gonna have a role and everybody's gotta buy into that role."

Coach Winegarden comes to Auburn high after spending three years on the Fairhope sideline where he guided each of his teams to a second round playoff appearance. He's bringing the same intensity and standard to the Auburn high squad- something the players are responding well to.

"I've been really pleased with the kid's attitudes and I think we've been progressing each day," Winegarden said. "Our big goal is to be the best team we can be and that means we need to get better every week. We're gonna control what we can control and that's it. So we're gonna go out there and compete at every ball game and we'll see what happens when the dice fall."

The Tigers are coming off a 4-6 season. It was a disappointing one after making it to the championship game the year before. With guys like senior quarterback Bradley Northcutt, the Tigers have the capability of going far.

"We are better than the team we were last year," Robinson said. "I mean we're gonna bounce back easily. There's no doubt we're gonna bounce back and play a lot harder. A lot of teams are gonna worry about us."

But while the talent and drive are there, what's even more evident is the excitement on auburn's practice field. Whether it's celebrating a caught pass or holding auditions for that guy who's going to pump up the team before a game.. The auburn tigers are football ready.

"I mean we are just so excited to play football. We've never really been this excited for football and we can't wait for that day to play Gadsden City."

That day will come on Friday, August 21st when the Tigers open the 2015 season on the road.

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