Brookstone Welcomes New Coach, Looks Ahead

It's his first year at the helm and new head coach Scott Pethtel says the entire Brookstone program is adjusting well.

"With him coming in, there's a lot of experience with us and we already know where we're at so it was a great smooth transition for us," said senior slotback Prather Hudson.

"To just have a coach that brings the intensity level up and we feed off of that," said senior fullback Sam Ndem. "We bring each other up, he brings us up and he holds us accountable and makes us work hard."

Pethtel has spent more than 35 years on the sidelines at the high school and college levels. In 2013, he joined the Brookstone staff and is now the head honcho- looking to bring his experience to the cougar field.

Pethtel said, "I'll bring whatever I have to the table and give it to the boys and try to help them become the best players they can be and the best people they can be and hopefully give them a great experience this year."

The Cougars are coming off a 4-6 record and finished just outside of the top 16 Class A power rankings that determine what teams make it to the postseason. They say they have a lot to look forward to, returning nearly every player from last year's team.

"We have no real drop-off in talent," Huson said. "We definitely were able to re-group this past year and hit it hard."

Which involved going back to the basics, focusing on technique rather than scheme. Coach Pethtel says this squad has a lot of ability and he expects to see some great things.

"I've seen the desire to really learn what we're doing and to execute to the best of their ability," he said. "I think in terms of where we are at this point, we're not ready for prime-time yet but it's still early in the camp and we've got a couple weeks before our first game and I think we can get there."

The Cougars open the season on Friday, August 21st against Mount Pisgah of John's Creek.

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