Glenwood Seniors Ready to Lead Team to Successful Year

For the Glenwood Gators football team, last year's biggest struggle was depth. Just ask senior fullback Michael Hasson.

"Last year I think we ended up with 12 kids in the last couple of games and that means a ton because you play both ways, you don't have any drive, you can't do anything- you can't perform the way you need to in order to win," he said.

But this year will hopefully be a different story. Not only do the Gators have more players at each position, they also have a senior class with a winning attitude.

"We've gotten a lot better and fixed the little things that we needed to do," Hasson said. "We have a lot more senior leadership this year which means a ton because it's the little things that are gonna get you to the end."

The Gators lost in the first round of the AISA playoffs last year and haven't been past the first round since 2011. They're hoping to break that streak this year led by a group of guys who are treating each opponent like the next.

"Every game matters, no matter who it is," said senior outside linebacker and running back, Quandarius Holt. "Whether it's the team who beat us last year in the first round to the strongest or weakest team in the league."

For the seniors on this team, every game does matter as they play their final season of prep football. Guys like Holt and Hasson who are using this season to improve as a team and as an individual.

"I just want to be able to perform to the way we look better as a whole unit," Holt said. "Working on getting bigger, faster, and stronger and mature on the field as well as off the field."

"I'm trying to grow as a player and fix the little things like blocking, and stuff that means a lot when you go to the next level," Hasson added.

Glenwood opens the season on Friday, August 28th when they host Sherwood Christian.

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