VIDEO: School worker caught throwing puppies over fence

MARSHALL, TX – Police investigators in Marshall, Texas arrested 61-year-old Paul Smith on an animal cruelty charge after surveillance video captured the Marshall Independent School District employee throwing puppies out of a district-owned truck and over a tall fence. Over the weekend the people at the pet place in Marshall came and brought them inside after a good Samaritan spotted them near a fence and called animal control.

Animal control called Kay Hill, The Pet Place’s director.

Hill rounded up four tiny puppies and figured she was done.

“Started looking at the camera,” she said, “and the very first thing is there’s a Marshall ISD vehicle right at the front door.”

From there the video showed the man grabbing a puppy from the box and launching each one over a tall fence. But one day later, Hill took an even closer look.

“He makes five tosses instead of just four,” she said, “and it’s like where’s this puppy?”

That’s when she found a fifth member of the litter–scared and hiding under a shed.

On Monday Hill called the police. She also posted the video to Facebook, figuring it might be worth seeing if social media could solve the mystery of who tosses puppies over a fence.

Almost immediately, people identified the man on screen as Smith, a maintenance worker for Marshall ISD. Pretty soon he turned himself in at Marshall P.D.

“MISD officials are aware of the incident,” district Communications officer David Weaver said in a statement. “MISD will provide full cooperation with the Marshall Police Department. The employee has been placed on administrative leave pending further investigation.”

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