Scholar Athlete: Haviland Harden

Haviland Harden has been playing softball for more than ten years.

“My family’s been really athletic through the years and my mom played softball in high school so they put me in when i was pretty young and i’ve been playing ever since,” said Harden.

It’s a sport she’s grown to love and one she continues to work at in her spare time.

“Anything to staying after practice late, I’ve had hitting lessons from multiple coaches in the past, just extra work,” she said.

And it’s that extra work that has helped Haviland develop as a starter on the Glenwood team. She’s a center fielder for the gators who’s not only a leader, but a standard.

“She’s been a big part of our program and a big part of our school,” said coach Dusty Perdue. “She’s been big every year at Glenwood, especially in high school. She’s what we call a Glenwood lifer.. unbelievable student, unbelievable athlete.”

Necause not only has Haviland done her part on the field, she’s done her part in the classroom. She has a 4.19 GPA and is currently enrolled in all honors classes. Along with all that extra homework, she’s involved in numerous clubs including the Green Team, Xcel Club, and the National Honor Society.. anything to do her part for her school and her community.

“I just like to get involved in the community,” she said.  “I kind of like to give back and it helps with colleges and looking into what you’ve done in your community to help.”

After high school, Haviland plans on attending the University of Alabama where she plans on majoring in speech pathology and communication studies. But she’s also looking at attending a junior college- where she could have the chance to not only further her education, but continue to play softball.

“I definitely am very curious about it, I’m just a little nervous as to how its gonna go as far as its ability, but that’ll all come into play.”

A decision she still has time to make.. but for now, she’s savoring the title of a scholar athlete.

“It really touches me that someone recognized all of my hard work throughout the years, especially my senior year, and i’m really honored to be given this.”

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