Scholar Athlete: Abby Courville

Columbus tennis player Abby Courville is described as versatile.

“She’s been our number one singles player, our number one doubles player, and is one of those kids that you can say, ‘hey I really need you to play here today’ and she does it and she usually wins,” said Coach MikeAnna Hill.

She’s an all-around star athlete who didn’t even start playing tennis until a couple of years ago.

“My sister started before me and I was really into gymnastics at the time,” said Courville.  “I saw her play and it really kind of like clicked for me and I just really wanted to start playing.”

That moment of interest has since grown into a love for the sport. Courville is currently a junior on the blue devils team, making an immediate impact from the day she started, and loving the feeling she gets when she hits the court.

“When I play matches, it’s kind of nerve-wracking especially if you’re playing singles because you’re kind of by yourself and everyone kind of has their eyes on you,” said Courville.  But as you get more into the match, you kind of tune everyone out and it is a stress reliever for me sometimes.”

It’s a stress reliever for someone who’s extra-curricular activities list is quite impressive. She’s a member of the french club, national english honor society, beta club, teen council and on the prom committee. She’s also managed to maintain a 4.4 GPA– thanks to acing five AP classes and counting.

“It’s hard sometimes, but if you don’t procrastinate and just make out your schedule, it’s not too bad,” added Courville.

And it’s her hard work in the classroom and on the tennis courts that will help Abby when it comes to her future. She’d like to attend the University of Georgia, majoring in either Art History or Construction Management, and also plans to keep doing what she loves.

“Just carrying on tennis, having fun, and being part of a team.”

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