Scholar Athlete: Danterrius Bray

His coach calls him a leader by example.  LaGrange basketball player Danterrius Bray is a senior on the Grangers team.  While he’s not the most vocal player on the court, his skills and hard work speak for itself.

“Danterrius understands the flow of the game, he keeps people calm, and he’s a real leader with running what the coaches ask on the sideline.  And the kids believe in him and that’s the best kind of leader,” said coach Mike Pauley.

He’s a leader who loves the game year-round.  While Bray is currently among the leading scorers for the Grangers, he also plays in the off-season, traveling with his AAU team.

“I started playing when i was 9,” said Bray.  “My coach- i was the first person he recruited, and i’ve been playing ever since.”

Playing with a team that travels all over the country from March until August. It’s a time consuming activity, but one Bray loves to do.

“If you were to go after school and we didn’t have practice, he would be shooting somewhere,” said Pauley.  “If you were to go anywhere in the summer, he’d be playing pick-up games. It’s fun to coach kids who have that kind of focus and love for the game.”

And he’s not just a standout athlete.  In his free time, Bray’s studying for classes like British Literature.  He’s kept up those grades for a 3.8 GPA- an achievement he says wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for his parents.

“Both of them just keep pushing me to be great academically and just telling me to work hard and everything,” said Bray.  “If basketball doesn’t work out, I have something to fall back on.”

Which he says is hopefully a career in engineering. Bray says he’s good at math, hoping to use that skill in the real world, all while living by his favorite quote from the Bible.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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