Scholar Athlete: William Lee

For Calvary Christian’s William Lee, swimming is like second nature.

“Ever since I was in middle school, I’ve always wanted to do swimming, and whenever I start something, I want to keep on doing it and continue until you’re all the way finished,” said Lee.

Which is why Lee was excited when Calvary Christian formed a swim team. It’s a sport he’s been doing competitively for years, and a hobby that’s the most familiar thing to him as he spends his first year in an American school.

“Most people you would think in that situation would be very reserved and very quiet in the background but he’s the leader of this team,” said Interim swim coach Brian Osborne. “He’s the most vocal guy, he’s the one supporting everybody else, and that’s something you wouldn’t think to see from a first year student in an American school.”

For the last couple of years, Lee has spent his time studying at a large public school on a military base in Korea. While Calvary Christian is at the other end of the spectrum, it’s been a year of exciting opportunities. Not only is he part of the swim team, he’s also a member of the Beta Club and the Foreign Language/Culture Club. He’s currently maintaining a 3.85 GPA and is adjusting pretty well during his first year at an American school.

“I just set aside a certain time that I do the things I want to do and then after that, I just intensely focus on the things I need to do,” said Lee. “It’s hard at times and sometimes I stay up very late, but I’m managing to pull through.”

And it’s the way he’s handled himself both in the classroom and in the pool, that makes him a Scholar Athlete.

“He always puts academics first, he’s always praised by his teachers, and as athletics go in the pool, he gives all he has everyday in the swimming pool and that’s all you can ask for as a coach,” said Osborne.

“What really makes it worth it is the fact that you know it order to keep doing all this, you gotta keep pushing forward, keep pushing on,” added Lee.

Like pushing on with plans to continue studying after high school. Lee is hoping to attend a University in the U.S. where he’ll major in Liberal Arts and Psychology.

“I think it’s really interesting,” said Lee. “I love how the mind works, and liberal arts, it’s just my general interest at this moment.”

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