Scholar Athlete: Ian Pybus

Shaw High School senior Ian Pybus spends his afternoons practicing with his fellow teammates. They’re members of the school’s rifle team- a sport that may not be as well known as football or basketball, but a sport that takes just as much time and dedication. Pybus has spent roughly two hours a day practicing, all while maintaining a 3.7 GPA.

“Your team is like another kind of family to you.,” said Pybus. “You have to be there for them to help them out, and your grades, if you aren’t doing good there, you can’t do good down here.”

Which is why Pybus takes pride in being a scholar athlete. But it’s his hard work and time commitment outside of school activities that makes him pretty unique. Since he was in first grade, Pybus had a dream of achieving the Boy Scouts of America’s highest rank: an Eagle Scout.

“It takes a lot of hours, you have to go to every meeting, you have to go on a lot of camp outs and you have to show to your troop that you’re willing to do the work there,” said Pybus. “You’re not just there to get a rank, you’re there to actually participate.”

Participation that paid off as Pybus’ goal of becoming an Eagle Scout came to fruition after eleven years.

“He’s achieved the status of an Eagle Scout and that’s very rare today for men to receive that honor,” said Pybus’ rifle coach, Major James. S. Dalponte.

Pybus added, “It was a lot but I’m happy that I’ve done it.”

He’s happy because all of his hard work both in and out of school has helped him become who he is today. He’s a scholar athlete who continues to make goals for the future. For the past four years, Pybus has been spending his free time volunteering at a local medical center in hopes of becoming a nurse.

“Wherever you go, you can get a job somewhere, and at the same time, my mom did it for a while and she’s one of the reason I’ve decided to go into it,” said Pybus.

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