Man charged with 1st degree home invasion

Columbus, GA – The suspect in a home invasion appeared in Recorders Court.  

Alexander Patterson was arrested after police say he tried to force his way into a man’s apartment at Vista Estates on Buena Vista Road over the weekend.

According to the victim’s testimony, as he was opening the door Patterson shot the first shot.

At that point, the victim rushed Patterson and they began to fight outside of his apartment. Then the victim ran back to his apartment and locked the door.

He says Patterson shot two more shots, one through his door and the other through his window and one of them grazed his arm.

Police say Patterson left one of his shoes at the scene and after getting a description of the SUV he was driving, he was pulled over; wearing only one shoe matching the shoe left at the scene.

Patterson is charged with 1st degree home invasion for which he received no bond.

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