Southern Union signs reverse transfer agreement with Jacksonville State

By: Dorothy Sherman 

WADLEY, AL – They’ve done it with Auburn University and other colleges, and now Southern Union State Community College adds one more four-year university to the reverse transfer list, Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, Alabama.

“…there are many pathways to get to that four-year education…this is another way to earn another credential on the way to getting that baccalaureate degree…” Jacksonville State University President Dr. William Meehan said

The two schools signed an agreement for a reverse transfer partnership on Monday at Southern Union’s Wadley Campus.   The partnership allows Southern Union students that transfer to Jacksonville State to transfer back credits to Southern Union to complete an associate’s degree.

“…it will give them increased self-esteem to go ahead and complete their bachelors degree at Jacksonville State University and it will also benefit them be giving them…another additional job credential…so that they will be…qualified for more job opportunities in their future…” Southern Union interim President, Dr. Glenda Colagross said.

Dr. Colagross said half of Southern Union’s students will eventually transfer to a four-year university.

“…once this reverse transfer agreement has signed…they’ve been identified and received their associates degree…it will increase their retention rates and graduation rates at Jacksonville State from…by about ten percent…”

Dr. Colagross said the partnership has already inspired one Southern Union staff member.

“…Eddie Pigg from Opelika…he’s already bragged that he’s gonna go back now and get his associates degree because he never got it from southern union…he thinks being a division chair of math at southern union it would look good if he had his degree from southern union…”

Southern Union currently has similar agreements with four universities, including Auburn University. That agreement was signed just a couple weeks ago.

In order to reverse transfer, students had to have completed at least 16 hours at Jacksonville State University.   And, the student has to be in good GPA standing with both institutions.

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