Matt Wintz – Chief Meteorologist

Chief Meteorologist Matt Wintz joined our WLTZ NBC 38 family in June of 2014 from a little town called Chicago, Illinois. Matt served as the Chief Meteorologist at WYIN in the Chicago market for over 5 years before choosing a warmer climate over predicting blizzards and ice flows on Lake Michigan. Matt obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology from The Ohio State University with a strong background in severe storm and winter storm forecasting. Matt’s accuracy was well-known in Chicago, but it’s his personality they know best.

"I get so bored watching some TV meteorologists. There’s no connection between the viewer and the forecast. It’s all the same. I’ve taken notes and I work hard every single day to make sure I’m right there in your living room telling you HOW the weather will affect you in the coming days…but in a fun and informative way."

Matt is excited to share his love and knowledge of meteorology with viewers in the Chattahoochee Valley.

"I went to college in Birmingham on a track/cross-country scholarship before transferring to Ohio State for coursework in meteorology, so I’m no stranger to the Deep South or its ever-changing weather."

Matt’s hobbies include long-distance running, drinking coffee, hiking in the North Georgia mountains, and playing sports. He says he enjoys drinking more coffee after all of those activities.

"I’m always happy and full of energy. I blame the majority of it on my faith in the Lord, but you can blame another portion on the unhealthy amount of caffeine I intake daily."

Matt looks to bring you his energetic forecast every weeknight at 6pm and 11pm (10pm Central) on WLTZ First News and WLTZ First News Alabama. He also says "don’t be a stranger" if you see him out and about at one of the many community events he’s already plugged into.

"My goal is to meet as many people as possible and make some true, long-lasting connections in the area. I want to get to the point where if someone is sitting at home and has a weather question, they think to email me right away. I want to be that source for weather in the community."

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