Lee County Sheriffs warns of law enforcement impersonator scam

BY: Dorothy Sherman

LEE COUNTY, AL – It’s happened again.  Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones said a caller claiming to be a lieutenant from the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office recently attempted to scam a Lee County woman over the phone.

“We’ve actually seen this before it’s been a while been a year or so since we’ve last encountered it,” Sheriff Jones said.

In the recent case, the law enforcement impersonator told the victim there was a warrant out for the victim’s arrest for skipping jury duty, and asked the victim to purchase a pre-paid debit card.

“Then give this individual the number from that card, that the individual can take that person claiming to be a member of the sheriff’s office can take care of it for them and pay the fine that is there and the warrant will be withdrawn,” Sheriff Jones said.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office said it’s a scam.  Law enforcement agencies do not call asking for money, especially involving any type of court action.

“You will contacted directly in person by a representative of sheriff’s office through a service of a paper or something a long that line or you would deal directly with the agency at their office of business,” Sheriff Jones said.

  Or sometimes through an email, but even that Sheriff Jones said you should be careful opening.

“That could be a virus and a person could allow a person to gain access to you computer through hacking and obtain your personal information as well,” Sheriff Jones said.

In previous cases, callers posing as a member of law enforcement have asked to victims to mail money. 

The best way to get the right information? Call your local law enforcement agency. 

If you think you’ve been scammed contacted your local law enforcement agency.

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