“Sex Ed: “Shock and Outrage”

St. Charles County, MO (KDLT) – High-tech security is becoming more affordable. You can watch your home or business from anywhere at any time with a wireless surveillance camera that costs as little as $50.

But with this low cost convenience, comes potential for high risk problems.

Josh Van Dyke is in the information technology business, so he knows a thing or two about being safe with personal info.

As part owner of Infotech Solutions in Madison, South Dakota Josh and his team protect personal data every day. To protect those machines that protect the data, Josh installed a video surveillance system that monitors his small business 24-7.

“We still want to have that sort of surveillance, so if someone would try to get in, we would have a record of that,” Josh Van Dyke, who is the IT Manager and part-owner at Infotech Solutions, said.

To keep hackers from watching his business, Van Dyke uses a separate network just for the cameras.

“So let’s say if one of our computers did get compromised or hacked here or someone would come in and jump on the Wi-Fi system, they couldn’t even talk to the surveillance system,” Van Dyke explained.

For others who may not be so tech-savvy, there are some simple steps you can take to make sure a stranger isn’t hacking into your home or workplace.

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