Mosquito season to be worse than last year

By Natalie Fultz

COLUMBUS – If you thought last year was bad, well I’ve got some news. This mosquito season is expected to be even worse.

“We are expecting a very active mosquito season simply because of the amount of rain we’ve gotten over the last 45 days,” Charles Lawhon, Arrow Exterminators says.

So you’ve got to start preparing your home. Eliminate stagnant water…whether it’s a spilled glass on your deck or excess water in your flower pots, get it out of there. It’s a place that mommy mosquitos lay their eggs up to 300 at a time.

“All a mosquito needs a cup full of water to lay larvae in,” Lawhon says.

Be sure to flip over your trash cans, get the water out of wagons and behind your shed and heck for condensation near your air conditioning units.

“Mosquitos are a very serious problem if you don’t take care of them,” Lawhon says.

As for yourself, well there’s lots of options.

“You’ve got the little clip on to your belt, personal skin care, the citronella candles people set on their tables, the whole yard fogger, attachment to your hose, and of course everybody’s favorite is the black flag zapper,” Joe Banks, Lowe’s says.

But if you don’t want to spend the money, grab a fan,  and put it right by you. It’ll make it pretty hard for the mosquitos to fly near you.


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