Georgia: Guns everywhere

Atlanta, GA (NBC News) – On Wednesday in Georgia a law was enacted that says it is okay for Georgia’s citizens to carry a gun into public places that, until now were taboo including bars, schools, and even churches.

The law was signed today by Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal, and is set to significantly expand gun rights within the state.

In a statement, the Governor confirmed his support of the new law, stating that this protection was afforded to Georgia’s citizens in state law just as it is in the constitution.

“We, as Georgians believe in the right of the people to defend themselves and therefore we believe in the second amendment,” said Governor Deal.

The new law allows those with a license to carry to bring a gun into a bar or house of worship, as long as the religious leaders allow them to do so. The law even goes as far as to allow employees to bring firearms into school buildings if the school districts themselves approve.

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