Court papers disclose new details in Barron case

— A new court filing in the criminal case against a former state
senator and his campaign aide discloses new information the state
attorney general's office planned to present had the case gone to trial

The paperwork filed by the attorney general's office says
Lowell Barron provided campaign aide Jill Johnson with an interest-free
$100,000 loan in 2008 to buy a house.

The loan balance was $50,000
after Barron lost his re-election bid. Barron's campaign issued her a
$50,000 check and then she wrote a $50,000 check to Barron the same day.

says the money was a bonus and was no different than the bonus that
Attorney General Luther Strange paid a campaign staffer.

The trial was postponed because Strange's staff appealed a judge's pre-trial ruling.

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