Spring allergies are back

By: Dorothy Sherman

OPELIKA, AL – Pollen, it's everywhere and a sign that spring allergies are back again.

“This time of year we'll be dealing with tree pollen, in the summer it
will be grass, in the fall it will be weeds.  So ,what happens is all
those plants pollinate.  All that pollen goes in the air that's why all the
cars turn yellow and green this time of year, and that's what causes a
lot of our symptoms,” allergist, Dr. John Tole said.

Symptoms that can often be confused with the common cold.  Dr. Tole said a stuffy nose and fatigue are often common complaints.

“Sometimes a runny nose, but most people actually feel a bit of drainage
down the back of their throat find that they have to clear their throat
or have a subtle cough with that depending on how much you're outside
you can also get the itchy watery eyes with that,” Dr. Tole said.

The only real way to know if you're suffering from seasonal allergies is to go to your doctor's office and get tested.

“There are some fairly good medicines now over the counter or off the
shelf that used to be prescription strength, but always give those a
shot first. Pick a good non sedating antihistamine and see how you do
with that,” Dr. Tole said.  “So, if you're not controlled with that then, yeah go talk to your
primary care doctor or go see a board certified allergist.”

And with Birmingham recently ranking high as bad place for allergy
suffers to live, Dr. Tole said east Alabama is right there with it.

“it's just the perfect storm. You know we have more trees, more different
grasses even. Things like northern pasture grasses are still here and
affect people here. So, if it's an allergy we've got it here,” Dr. Tole said.

There's really know way to get away from pollen.  Dr. Tole said it can travel long distances before landing on you.

For more information on allergies and pollen count log onto http://www.eaallergy.com/.

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