Ragan found guilty of murder

By Natalie Fultz

COLUMBUS – During closing arguments today, Defense attorney Bill Mason explained to the jury that his client, Lonnie Jacob Ragan, was using self-defense when he shot Holly Hearn as she came out of her home.

“She came running out the door. He pointed the shotgun at her, and she got shot. She fell down with the pistol by the left side of her head,” Mason says.

But assistant district attorney Jennifer Cooley says no.  

“When he held a gun at Holly Hearn and shot and killed her as she came out of her house three feet from her door…self defense? Are you kidding me?” Cooley says.

Ragan came on to the Hearn's property looking for his son armed with a shotgun. He immediately got out of his car and confronted husband Ryan Hearn.

“When you pull a gun at their own residence, and you march them with children in the home…game on! Are you kidding me?” Cooley says.

Holly hearn allegedly ran inside and grabbed a pistol. Mason says that's where the problem started.

But Cooley says Holly Hearn went to get a gun to protect her family. Ryan Hearn was shot in the back just seconds after his wife.

“And after he shot Ryan Hearn in the back, in the back, Ryan Hearn layed on the ground. Ragan then turned around and got down and attempted to shoot him another time, but the gun jammed…that's self defense?” Cooley says..

Ragan will be sentenced March 13, 2014, at 9 a.m.

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