Auburn police buying new vehicles

By: Dorothy Sherman

AUBURN, AL – It's out with some old and in with some new.

“What we've done is that a couple of years ago we recognized that the
cars that we were using then, the Crown Victoria's were not going to be
made on after that.  So, what we did is we actually tried out several
different vehicles,” Auburn Police Chief Paul Register said.

The Auburn Police Division will be buying 6 marked and 1 unmarked 2014 Ford Utility Police Interceptor Vehicles, together totaling a little over $181,000 from the city's general fund.

“That's general fund money, but it's budgeted.  So, it was in the budget has been for a couple of years,” Auburn Mayor Bill Ham, Jr. said.

The new vehicles will replace 7 of the division's Crown Victoria cars. A
vehicle model that Auburn police has used for over 25 years.

“The officers, they are out there everyday, some of the vehicles run
occasionally 24 hours,” Chief Register said. “So, what happens is that over a period of time your
maintenance cost tends to rise on an older vehicle.  So, what that begins
to happen you start identifying ones that you need to transition away
from and that's what we do periodically,” Chief Register said.

Last year the division bought Chevy Caprices.  Chief Register said
compared to those the new utility vehicles are cheaper, more fuel
efficient, and have more room.

“Another thing about those vehicles is they are all-wheel drive.  So, that
if we have inclement weather like we've had recently those vehicles will
be able to navigate a little better an easier,” Chief Register said.

Expect to see the new police vehicles on the road sometime this summer.


over 181,000

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