World’s busiest airport prepared for ice storm

Atlanta, GA (CNN) – The world's busiest airport is prepared for another winter storm.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport says it will remain
open and fully operational this week despite another round of bad

The National Weather Service says snow, sleet and rain
are in the forecast Monday night through Wednesday morning as
temperatures plunge to the 30's in the Atlanta area.

By Wednesday, ice on the roads could make driving “hazardous or impossible.”

airport spokesperson say the Atlanta airport has 100,000
gallons of de-icing fluid, 50,000 pounds of de-icing pellets and
50,000 pounds of a salt/sand mixture.

The airport will also be fully staffed with essential personnel working 12-hour shifts that began Monday night.    

Just two weeks ago 2.5 inches of snow paralyzed the entire city of Atlanta. 

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