Ga. man shoots, kills roving Alzheimer’s patient

Authorities in northwest Georgia say one man shot and killed another
after the shooter felt threatened by a 72-year-old who turned out to be a
wandering Alzheimer's patient.

Walker County authorities told the
Chattanooga Times Free Press that Ronald Westbrook had walked about
three miles in the sub-freezing temperatures before knocking on Joe
Hendrix's door just before 4 a.m. Wednesday.

Hendrix's fiancee
didn't answer, instead calling police. But before deputies arrived,
Sheriff Steve Wilson said, Hendrix went into the back yard with his
handgun, where he saw Westbrook in silhouette.

Wilson said
Hendrix, 34, recalled giving Westbrook several verbal commands, but the
advanced Alzheimer's patient didn't respond. Hendrix then fired four
shots, the fatal bullet hitting entering Westbrook's chest.

No charges were filed, but still could be, Wilson said.

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